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Machine learning based Emotions Predictor.

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Machine learning based Emotions predictor.


  • Whether you're Photo Lover, Food lover or Map genius, PictureAI is for you, getting additional information about your photos can be done on your phone today.
  • Photo location predictor :
  • From India's Tajmahal to Washington’s White House, with a set of 5 million different place’s. PictureAI gives it's best three predications.
  • Food name predictor :
  • Choose one of your favorite foods, or the ones you made, and let us do the rest—from American donuts to Chinese Shandong, with a set of 5000 different meals.
  • More scanners coming soon :
  • What’s more exciting about PictureAI, we do not need your location data, or uploading your pictures, we chose the app to be 300MB+ but safe to the user, rest assured, things will get done only your phone.
  • PictureAI aims to support every topic of machine learning, from handwritten digit recognizer to emotions predictor..
  • Notes :
  • - PictureAI does not include ads, and it will not.
  • - PictureAI is Fee and It will be always as Free to download and Use.
  • - of course PictureAI does not upload or picture, the rest of the app is offline expect for the map and three location predicator, which requires internet by default.
  • When you install PictureAI :
  • you agree that PictureAI ‘only’ predicts your content, sometimes it may go wrong.
  • Every suggestion and comments are welcome, give us 5+ stars if you love PictureAI .

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